Voicethread is an interesting new project

One of the newcomers of '007, this project enables people to upload images, and then add their own commentary / voiceover on top.

For an example, i've found a range of photos relating to Melbourne. i wanted to use 'copyright-free' images, so i went to Peter Shanks' very useful "search flickr" page. This site allows you to search for images on flickr, which are licensed as "Creative Commons".

Then i've registered at Voicethread, and uploaded the images ..

Next comes the audio, and the big question is:

  • can we record directly onto the page, or do we have to record locally and upload?
  • the answer, as i have just found, is that you record directly onto the page.

.. and the great thing about voicethread is that other people can add their own audio comments into the story. in this example from Delia Bradshaw, Michael Coghlan has added his comments on the theme.


Q: Can we use video?
A: Doesn't look like it.

Q: How would i use this in class?
A: Good question: what about these suggestions
  • a single set of photos that many people comment on (for discussion on a theme);
  • each person creates a story / montage, inviting comments from their peers;
  • a topic in common with other groups of learners in other places;