Here are some initial focus questions for discussion

lp_magneto_aeg_by_pablosanz_(web,_edges).jpg1) Who are your learners?
2) How do your students respond to technology?
3) How important is listening and speaking in your classroom?
4) What are your favourite learning activities involving listening?
5) Do they get the opportunity to listen to their own voices?
6) How do you think they will respond to hearing their own voice?

How to respond?

.. either
a) in the discussion tab on this page (at the top, next to "edit")
b) record your own thoughts to an mp3 file (using a portable gadget, or a computer with recording software eg Audacity)
c) interview a colleague or two using the same method as (b)

Some examples from the teachers

Michael talking with David, June '08

David speaks of his concerns that while his VCAL students are proficient in using technology, they are not always focussed on the learning outcomes ..

David interviews Tina, June '08

.. focussing on the importance of speaking and listening for learners of English as a second language.

(image: thanks to pablosanz at flickr)