Skype - "internet telephony"

There are a few programs for enabling instant voice messaging, or internet-based telephone calls. Gizmo and Google Talk, as well as Yahoo and Windows messenger(s) which now have audio as well as text. Skype however is the 'iPod" of this field - the brand which has captured the market.
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    Registered users can call each other for free (using their computers with headsets .. or special telephone attachments);
  • Paid subscribers can also call real-world telephones at a much lower cost than most telephone services provide.

How to work skype

  1. First, download from skype dot com,
  2. Then, install on your computer.
  3. Thirdly, you need to register a name / login.
  4. After that you can search for other people, have conversations etc.

Some more detailed information and tutorials around the web, for example

  • Adam from PC Support in the UK tells you how to download and install skype. i like his advice to Save the installation file, rather than install / run from the web site.

Adam also tells you how to search for friends and family, once you've joined up ..

  • Parker Tanner tells you about how to call another skype user

Other videos on You Tube:

More advanced ideas, such as

image: thanks for skype phone by re-ality at flickr (Creative Commons Licence)