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Useful skills to know

Here's a list of skills that are good to know when working with audio technologies.
Can you manage these activities?

Work with audio on a computer

  • Plug in a headset or speakers (using colour-coded jacks as a guide, ie orange plugs into green (?)
  • Play back an mp3 file, using audio playing software (eg iTunes, WinAmp, Windows Media player)
  • play back audio from a web site (eg abc.net.au or Breaking News English)

Work with portable audio device

  • » Find the mp3 player and turn it on
  • » Record some audio to the gadget
  • » Play this back over headphones or speakers

Transfer audio files from place to place

Share the audio files via other places
  • » from gadget to computer disk or network, usb stick etc
  • » onto student gadget (eg phone or usb stick)
  • » onto CD for students to take-away
  • » onto a web-site, eg blog, wiki or podcast
  • » into a digital story of some kind

Play back audio files in other places

  • » Using software on a computer
  • » Via a mobile phone which plays audio files
  • » Via a web site eg blog, wiki or podcast

Work with web2 tools

  • Find a podcast, online audio or video that is relevant to your course
  • Subscribe to a podcast or vodcast, using your RSS reader
  • Make a digital story in Voicethread or Bubbleshare
  • Set up a blog, and add audio to your post (can be complex)
  • Set up a class wiki, and add audio to the mix of learning materials

Engage learners in reflective learning

Hm .. of course you can do this bit !
  • » Set up activities in class involving language, literacy and communication skills
  • » Enable your adult learners to develop their skills
  • » Design collaborative or group-based activities
  • » Encourage learners to design, monitor and reflect on their own learning
  • » Connect your learners' needs with relevant accredited certificates
  • » Use audio technologies to support these aims