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Tenth) 30 October

Howard Errey joins us Live in the Studio from e-Works, on behalf of the Australian Flexible Learning Framework, our big funding buddy in the sky. Lynne dials in via Skype, and we skype-out to David's mobile for an update on the exciting work in the VCAL group.

Ninth) 16 October

Guest speaker: Rosa Ochoa joins us from Sydney Institute of TAFE, via Skype. (In the end she could not breach the TAFE firewalls, so we called into her office phone, which worked reasonably well .. although the sound was very patchy.)

Eighth) 9 October

General goal-setting and review ..

Seventh) 11 September

Today was the day that Michael Coghlan joined us live from Adelaide, the city of festivals. Several people were on skype, and a few of us were at Merrilands Community Centre watching the big screen and listening on speakers. Thankfully the technology worked well in the end ;-] (more details on the mikecogh page.)

Sixth) 28 August

Today we talked about what people were planning in their classrooms. We had a look at some web2 technologies, including Voki (an avatar generator, great for identity work), Voicethread (an interactive digital story web application).

Fifth) 14th August

Today was a rough and ready introduction to the idea of authoring your own page in a "Wiki".
  • Step One: get "registered"
  • Step Two: join this space ..
  • Step Three: edit this page .. and so on
Notes here.

Fourth) 31 July

Today's focus was wide-ranging, including responses to people's questions on the spot, and overviews of web applications:
  • Eleanor interviewed David about his microphone collection, using the iRiver e100.
  • We talked more about activities for the classroom.
  • An overview and introduction to this wikispace - how to edit pages, add images, audio and even video (demonstration).
  • An overview of blogs and podcasts, how they can be used in education.
More detailed notes here.

Third session, mid July

Today we had an overview and introduction to Audacity. Some notes here.

Second session, late June

The first time everyone came together to find out about the project, and discuss the key issues in small groups. We recorded some interviews to mp3 players.

First session, late June

David and Tina came in for a preview of the project, and interviewed each other, focussing on the discussion questions. Listen here:
1) Interview with David

2) Interview with Tina

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