Session Five) 14th August

Today was a rough and ready introduction to the idea of authoring your own page in a "Wiki".
  • Step One: get "registered"
  • Step Two: join this space ..
  • Step Three: edit this page .. and so on

There can be many obstacles in the way of signing up to a new kind of web-space, eg:
  • it doesn't make sense
  • i've forgotten my password
  • the computer is playing up again

Congratulations everyone for overcoming these obstacles, confronting hurdles and leaping them successfully.
Hm, okay. These computers are not the best example of cutting edge technology. But there's plenty of space and sunlight in the room.

Here are some initial tutorials for getting into this "wiki space".

(What's a wiki? Briefly, a web site that people can edit from within their web browser.)
(NB: this * space is a wikispace, or rather a collection of wikis hosted by a company called wikispaces.)

We can collect more 'how to' documents and tutorials on the how to page.
Post your questions on the Q n A page (either directly on the page, or in the discussion tab at the top).

Next steps

Add elements to your page, including:
  • headings
  • images
  • video and sound