Ideas for teacher research

Don’t_I_Deserve_Quality_Care_by_Grant_Neufeld_at_flickr_(edges)_.jpgChoose your own activity or adventure!
Some of these activities we'll do together as a group. Others you can jump in and try for yourself.

Reading / discussion

Practical / equipment

lp_magneto_aeg_by_pablosanz_(web,_edges).jpgMore suggestions below

Editing audio

  • Get hold of Audacity, and edit an audio file.


  • Find a podcast worth listening to, tune in and review.
  • Set up your own podcast or blog.
  • Find an "RSS Reader" that you like, and subscribe to some podcasts or blogs.

Plus: on the interweb

  • Set up your own page in this "wikispace" (or ask michael to do this for you).
  • Upload your interview with a colleague into your wikispace page
  • Create a voice-enabled avatar (animated character), and put it on your podcast, blog or wiki page.
  • and_the_Mellotron_unraveled_by_zyphichore_at_flickr_(edged).jpgGet yourself onto Skype, so you can make phone calls for free
  • Get in touch with someone else in our project group, via Skype.
  • Sign up to delicious, and start "tagging" useful web sites for others to see.

Live conferencing

  • Come along to a group meeting in Live Classroom
  • Listen back to one of the e-mentor 08 professional development sessions in Elluminate
  • Trial some of the other live conferencing softwares
  • Think about how you could use this in class (or in collaboration with a similar group somewhere else).

image and photo credits: all licensed under creative commons at flickr: Thanks very much:
LP_magneto by pablosanz, Don't i deserve quality care by Grant Neufeld, + and the mellotron unravelled.