Read and research previous projects

music technology 5 by chrispercival at flickr
music technology 5 by chrispercival at flickr
As a learning activity, you could explore one of the projects listed below, and report your findings in the discussion tab for this page (a paragraph or two of overview or summary, a point that grabs your interest) :

a) Different Voices Different Spaces - (DVDS) a national project looking at three different voice technology projects, with Delia Bradshaw as mentor (or grab copy of the CD);
b) Beyond Text - one of the three projects in DVDS, a tafe project involving ESL learners (i think);
c) Engage-me - a project from NSW, working originally with young people;
d) Podcasting - how to find useful ESL / Literacy podcasts;
e) Media on the Move, a 2006 project looking at broadcasting multi-media;
f) your guide to Social e-learning; a 2007-8 project from the Australian Flexible Learning Framework (Framework).

Or if you're feeling bold,
  • record your thoughts to mp3, and
  • add the file to your own podcast, or
  • upload the file right here on this page.

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