QNA: Questions and Answers

Should really call this Questions and Responses (QnR) rather than Answers.
and_the_Mellotron_unraveled_by_zyphichore_at_flickr_(edged).jpgEARLY DRAFT: questions only at the moment. These will be answered. Write in the discussion tab if you're sick of waiting :-]

Q: We have tried logging on to Voki.com but without any success. I have only got to the stage of putting in my email address and confirming my password and than nothing.
i wonder .. Could it be the Flash Plugin in your Web Browser? Both Voki and Voicethread need the latest flash player. From your computer, can you watch videos on YouTube, or the video on our Help page?

Q: Someone sent me this file. They say it's an mp3 audio file, but i can't open it.
A: Oh dear. Sounds like you're using a Windows machine. (Or maybe the file is just broken.) You'll need a program that can play mp3 files. Examples include:
  • Windows Media Player (comes with windows)
  • Winamp
  • iTunes
  • Cool Player
  • Audacity
  • XNView

if Windows doesn't know how to help you, try this:
a) save the file in a folder
b) open one of those programs
c) open the file from within the program (eg File > Open)

An apple mac will have iTunes. You can also preview audio files from the Finder.
How Stuff Works has more detail about mp3 files - the technical aspects.

Q: Where do we stand on copyright issues if we use music, voices and sound from either students or the internet?
A1: This page has some videos about creative commons and other copyright issues.
There are also comics to help illustrate it too - in fact, the whole site is about Creative Commons licensing!

Un-answered questions

Q: Where can i go to find learning materials and similar resources?
Q: How do i find groups or networks of teachers with expertise i can .. join ?
Q: How can i build e-learning into the organisation in a more strategic way?

Q: What do you do when you have a real mixed bunch of students? And only one session ..
How do you teach these skills to people who are not gifted in technology skills?
(This is an open question, we don't have the answers here.)
  • put people in small groups
  • keep the classroom activities as simple as you possibly can, until you know your students really well
  • be thoroughly prepared with highly visual step-by-step instructions (find out if someone else has made one first)

image and photo credits: licensed under creative commons at flickr: Thanks very much: "and the mellotron unravelled"