Literacy-learning with audio technologies

Michael Chalk has been teaching a low-level literacy class, at the Broadway campus of PRACE. He is experimenting with audio versions of the texts people study in class.
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Here you can listen to michael
present the mid-year report

(Or .. download the audio file for later)
Michael Chalk (lo res) presents mid-year report in elluminate.mp3

Context - provider and class / course

Learners have access to audio-enabled language and literacy learning software applications such as Issues in English, and the Picture Dictionary from Protea Textware, as well as That's Life from the AMES.

About the learners

These people have a range of literacy strategies, but generally are at "low-literacy" levels. The group shows a broad spread of abilities and strengths; ideally we would be able to build more flexibility into the learning environment.

Goals for the activity

What i'm looking to do is record their own stories to mp3, and present this back to them in a variety of ways:
  • via the local computer network
  • via their own technology, eg mobile phone
  • via a wikispace.
This builds on work which Rohan trialled from the 2007 project.

Outline of the activity (process)

1) record student voices on excursion (eg using portable mp3 player)
2) record teacher voice to accompany student reading (simple texts), eg mp3 on local network
3) record student and teacher voices into on-screen presentations (eg using audio in ms powerpoint with text and images)

Technologies (equipment, rationale)

Hardware: portable gadget (iRiver); laptop and projector (with speakers), digital camera
Software: Audacity, powerpoint, wikispace,

What happened in class?

Reflections: what worked, what would you change?

Reflections: from the learners

Additional - ways to adapt the activity

First attempt at uploading audio

a discussion amongst the teachers from November '07 .. talking about the iRivers.
Jill says they are unworkable, but Franca enjoys using them and finds them easy enough.

Download the audio file (mp3, 1mb)
canuhearme skype session 20nov07.mp3