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Hi I'm Panayota at Carlton Neighbourhood Learning Centre.

I teach a communication skills class once a week for a couple of hours. The group comprises students from the Horn of Africa, Turkey, Serbia,China, Vietnam, Cuba and Lebanon. We discuss current affairs and topical issues. So I hope to have some vox pop. posted soon. Also at present each student is presenting a short informational talk on a cultural item, a memento, a hobby or something of particular interest to them.
My lesson plan will be based on using audio technology to record a talk, which will then be inserted into a digital story along with visuals and written commentary.

Context - provider and class / course

Carlton Neighbourhood Learning Centre
ESL class – communications skills
ESL Frameworks Level 2/3
Listening and speaking learning outcomes

About the learners

Adult learners …a range of backgrounds and educational levels
HOA,Serbian.Lebanese,Chinese, Vietnamese, Italian,Cuban,Mexican,Turkish…
These learners meet once a week for this class, which covers level2/3 ESL Frameworks

Goals for the activity

To give students the opportunity to use their oracy skills to communicate information to fellow students and then respond to questions.
To promote confidence in speaking skills and refine pronunciation and clarity of speech.
To encourage communication in a relaxed and non-threatening environment.

Outline of the activity (process)

The learners were given a model information talk by the teacher and performance criteria were discussed such as…
Preparation of information
Body language.
Tone of talk –formal compared to conversational
Use of visual aids.
A listening activity followed with a written assessment by the rest of the class of the individual’s talk….
Each learner was asked to prepare a talk on a cultural item or memento or a hobby using the guidelines
On the day the talk was recorded (with i-river and later modified with audacity) and a question time followed.
Teacher feedback was given orally at the end of the session
Technologies (equipment, rationale) The focus for this project was to develop skills in recording with
i-river and editing the audio file with audacity.
The i-river is a very good recording device, the sound quality is good. Immediate playback was a bit hard to manage as the menu stick is rather complicated to use.

What happened in class?

A little bit of chaos and a lot of fun!
The learner presented a 3-5 min. talk to the class. The listeners were very responsive and feedback was positive with lots of questions being asked.

Reflections: what worked, what would you change?

Place the recording device on the person, rather than on the table
Record on the spot immediate responses to the talk. Perhaps record the learner’s own reflection on his/her performance.

Reflections: from the learners

The learners were asked to respond to the talk…did they find it interesting? Why? This was a written exercise. As it is a communication class some of the learners preferred to give a spoken response.

Additional - ways to adapt the activity

Interview the learner before the talk. Record this .
Allow the learner more practice recording his/her voice before giving formal to class.

Information talk given by Maria to the communications skills class 2008

Maria's audio

Communications class compilation of audio recordings using i-river and edited
in audacity.