untitled_by_'kevinreed_at_flickr_.jpgState and National "e-events"

1) Currently : Inspiring innovations

Huge online conference on the Australian Flexible Learning Framework. Hurry, register .. it'll be great ;-]

Inspiring Innovations: national e-learning highlights online mini-conference will be held on 11 - 12 November and will showcase strategies and innovative examples for embedding e-learning currently happening across Australia. The site is OPEN now (Monday 10 November) for your asynchronous interactions!! Come and introduce yourselves.....

The mini online-conference will include a program of 14 synchronous web conferencing sessions over the two days of Tuesday 11 November and Wednesday 12 November. Inspiring Innovations is FREE but pre-registration - just go to the site to register and then log in!

Highlights include:

Testing wikis’ - Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Backgrounds learners, Dora Troupiotis and Josie Rose
9.30am Wed 12Nov

Mainstreaming e-learning in ACE: is it an impossible dream?’, Mary Hannan, Josie Rose, Michael Chalk, Richard Vinycomb, Denece Sippo, Myra Cake and Lynne Gibb. Adult Community Education session with practitioners from across Australia.
3.30pm Wed 12Nov

2) From The Knowledge Tree

Recent edition #17 .. focuses on 'Youth' and 'E-learning'.
From the Framework pages: "..packed with reading, interviews and discussion on perspectives to do with youth and e-learning! Lead article: The lead writer, Bill Wade of Charles Darwin University, NT, writes about 'Everything I Need to Learn: Engaging Youth in Online Learning'."

'Live Conversation' with the lead writer, Bill Wade, on 'engaging youth in online learning':
Date: Tuesday 18 November
When: 2:00 - 3:00pm (AEDST)
Where: http://tinyurl.com/3ekzzs [opens in a new window] or This Elluminate Link [opens in a new window]
(More details on the Framework page.)

3) Converge - Victorian e-learning conference

Melbourne 4 - 5 December 2008 (Full Up :(
Registrations for the fourth annual Victorian e-learning conference, conVerge 08, are now open at eWorks .. oh no, wait a minute.. filled up! Don't know if they have a waiting list ..

National Networks Events

Also; Join in regular national networks events via the Framework, at http://www.flexiblelearning.net.au/e-events

Networks around Australia

This innovative project was one of over 100 selected around Australia. The funding comes from the Australian Flexible Learning Framework (Framework), which has funded and overseen many other projects over the last eight years or so. These other projects and resources are well worth exploring; they include:

Framework projects that have investigated audio include:

a) Different Voices Different Spaces - (DVDS) a national project looking at three different voice technology projects, with Delia Bradshaw as mentor (or grab copy of the CD);
b) Beyond Text - one of the three projects in DVDS, a tafe project involving ESL learners (i think);
c) Engage-me - a project from NSW, working originally with young people;
d) Podcasting - how to find useful ESL / Literacy podcasts;
e) Media on the Move, a 2006 project looking at broadcasting multi-media;
f) your guide to Social e-learning; a 2007-8 project from the Australian Flexible Learning Framework (Framework).

National innovations blog

You can read more about current innovative projects on the leaders' blog - wisdom from people including Hayley Beck, Marlene Manto in SA, Robyn Jay in NSW, and Howard Errey in Victoria. Or skim the headlines here:

    Past Sessions

    Most of these sessions have recordings you can access - which is why they are still listed here. Wealth of knowledge - feast!

    Podcasting with Stephan Ridgway

    Stephan is well known around Australia and the world as an expert in audio technologies. Recently he gave a session for the Australian Flexible Learning Framework in their "e-Gems" series. Recommended viewing!

    Podcasting with Michael Gwyther

    developing audio resources for training for delivery from web pages, wikis and free and podcasting services (Highly Recommended.)
    When: Wednesday: 1st October 10 – 11.30 ** Full Details on the Victorian e-mentor site ** - including Session Recording!
    Presenters: Michael Gwyther and Josie Rose
    The session: .. focus on developing audio resources for training from web pages, wikis and free podcasting services. .. also explore uses for audio in training including case studies, scenarios and literacy support. .. facilitated by Michael Gwyther, E-Mentor for Grampians region. .. guide participants through using Audacity (editing software), sound effects and music to develop training resources. No prior experience required.

    Adult Learning Australia (ALA)

    ACE e-learning network meeting, Tuesday 30 Sept. 14.00-15.00 aest
    In the ALA e-learning elluminate room (direct link here).
    • Josie Rose talks about the Victorian ACE e-mentor project;
    • Georgina Nou on Second Life for ACE learners;
    • Michael Chalk on this Can You Hear Us? project .. and more.

    Michael Coghlan guest speaker for Can You Hear Us?

    Thursday 11th September, via Skype, 3.30pm aest (1 hour, ish)
    Michael has been involved in many projects researching audio technologies, and is often a keynote speaker for international conferences. He will join us from Adelaide. (contact michael chalk *well before the session* to connect in skype, or come along to Merrilands Community Centre.)

    Wikis in ACE education

    Next Monday 15th Sept 10.30am aest (1 hour)
    Josie Rose is organising some good sessions. First one with Lynne Gibb from Coonara community learning centre. (people in the Can You Hear Us? project will know Lynne already. She is a pioneer in ACE, using the wiki for classroom activities .. )
    Support site and discussion forum: If you wold like to do some research or ask a question prior to the session, please visit the ementor wiki:
    and leave a question in the discussion tab for that page. Instructions on the ementor wiki page.

    Moving your course online (TAA)

    Mary Schooneveldt put a TAA course online .. find out what happened. Practical tips!
    Full details on the e-mentor site (including booking: remember to book).

    Where: Online in Elluminate click on the link below to join the session: http://tinyurl.com/6zl5fw__
    When : Wednesday: 5th November, Time: 10 - 11.30 am
    Presenters: Mary Schooneveldt and Josie Rose

    Access ACE in Victoria

    Wednesday 17th Sept, 2-3pm aest
    ALA has Josie Rose presenting on the Access Ace project from '07, and the spin-off ACFE e-mentor projects. Details on the ALA site.

    e-Gem session focussing on Social e-learning

    Next upcoming session: Embedding social e-learning capability
    Date: Wednesday 3 September, 2008
    When: 2:00 - 3:00pm (AEST)
    Where: (direct link) http://tinyurl.com/6s355n

    Three good reasons for making Wordpress your website

    Paddy O' Reilly and Josie Rose present on this very popular web application. Often used for blogging, wordpress is also capable of running other kinds of website. Full details over on the e-mentor project page. (Monday 10th November, 10 am.)

    "Most people come to education provider websites looking for information. They want the when, where and how, not the fancy pictures or the flash animations. Keeping a small provider's website relevant and up-to-date doesn't need to be expensive or arduous. There are several solutions that allow non-technical users to update as often as they want. Wordpress is one of those solutions - a blogging software than can be used as a simple, easily updated website. In this session, we'll look at how Wordpress can be used and how it works."

    image and photo credits: licensed under creative commons at flickr:
    Thanks very much: kevinreed