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(Tutorials for software and gadgets)

Learning new software and skills is not easy. No matter how many times the words "simply" and "just" appear on the instruction manual.
Tip: when you see the word "simply" in a set of instructions, remember that when you have mastered the skill, it could appear simple to you as well.

Everyone learns differently.
  • Many people like step-by-step instructions that are highly visual, goal-directed and context-based.
  • Some like to dive in and get started without consulting the instruction manual, problem-solving as they go.
  • Most people experience some level of frustration on the learning curve.

Here are links to some tutorials we've found:

Plus: other information about tools and technologies
  • Voicethread - a web app that lets people collaborate and discuss images or videos
  • Podcasting - an overview
  • Avatars - how to creat a characterisation of yourself, with audio
  • RSS feeds (aka Syndication and Aggregation, or more simply headlines / republishing)
  • iPadio - a web app that allows you to create a blog / "phlog" from your telephone. Dale Pobega has blogged his initial experiences with ipadio: link to his blog entry at the ACENing

Try searching You Tube for some helpful videos .. for example, this intro to podcasting, from the very accessible CommonCraft.

Wondering about copyright issues with audio and video? This video explaining about Creative Commons and how it can work for us might help


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Other random 'how-to' links relating to audio

(from michael's delicious stream)