iPadio is a popular new web app that lets you broadcast from your phone.

Who's doing it?

If the RSS feed allows, we can see Dale's latest posts here:

    How do you Padio?

    The quick version:
    • Register or sign up for an account
    • Get your pin code
    • Call the phone number they give you - speak your mind
    • Tell people where to find your podcast
    • if you're feeling adventurous, you can embed your podcast in other places (blog, wiki, ning etc)

    More detail on how to do it?

    There are tutorials on the iPadio site, here .
    But the one i can't find is the basic intro about making the call. Anyone?

    (eg from the iPadio site)
    You can upload audio files from your computer if there's no phone handy.. or if you want a more polished, edited broadcast.

    Advanced skills

    For example, hHere's a guy from the UK showing us on video how to record conference calls (advanced skill... needs conference call on iPhone!):

    More stuff

    And here's Dale's first Phlog for the e-mentor project 2010 (a direct embed, rather than the RSS feed above).

    photo credit: (creative commons at flickr) Thanks: martianmermaid .