Official meeting schedule

Cassette_by_Alromaithi_at_flickr_.jpgHello all the brave souls entering on the Can You Hear Us? adventure for 2008.

Here are dates for meeting(s):
  • Thursdays, 3.15 - 4.45pm
  • at Merrilands Community Centre, in the Drama Room

From November on: Sessions by request.

Michael is available in Skype Thursday afternoons from 3pm. Please join with any queries, or just for a chat. If you don't come by he may hunt you down .. for a conversation ;-]

Also available for site visits .. or one-on-one sessions. Call soon. mickleberry

9th October
Goal-setting, review and outcomes: how can we support you more?

16th October
Live presentation, from Sydney: Rosa Ochoa, the ESL teacher responsible for some wizard blog and podcast classroom sites.

For information on wider networks events, look on the "other networks" page. (eg Victorian ACE workshops, national events from the Australian Flexible Learning Framework, etc ..)

23rd October
Catch up in Skype (review and outcomes: how can we support you more?)

30th October
Today Howard Errey will be joining us live in the studio. Howard has been managing all of the Victorian e-learning innovative projects this year, from his office at eWorks. Come across to Merrilands Community Centre, or dial in from Skype - whichever you prefer. (perhaps let michael know how you'll be attending.)

31st July
- intro to wiki
- overview of blog & podcast
- more ideas for classroom
(between sessions: visit to Glenroy)

17th July
- get mp3 file from gadget to computer
- intro to audacity and skype
- discuss ideas for classroom

14th August
- online tools - edit your wiki page
- classroom ideas - planning your innovation
- free software, a CD full of resources
(between sessions: meet briefly via skype)

28th August
- Overview of web2
- collaborative online web applications and the culture of participatory digital communities
- continuing discussion of classroom options

11th September
>- Guest Speaker, Michael Coghlan -<
= Renowned internationally for his research into audio technologies in adult education classrooms, Michael is a 'multiple-venue presenter', an active blogger and podcaster, as well as an e-mentor throughout the flexible learning community.
= We'll be running this session in Skype, so you can tune in from your place, bring your colleagues .. or come into Merrilands Community Centre and we'll tune in together.

18th September
- Optional and informal session - extra time in Audacity (session ii) - come along if you need to practise this software more.

Want to follow up more advanced ideas in your own time?
Look at these ideas for research.

Introduction Day: meet your colleagues

  • 3.15 - 4.45pm
  • Thursday, 26th June
  • at Merrilands Community Centre
  • in the Drama Room

Preview day: Thursday 12th June.

Where is Merrilands Community Centre?

Cnr Asquith & Sturdee Streets, Reservoir, 3073.
Melways Map [ 8 : H12 ]

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Thanks very much: Cassette by Alromaithi