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Name: Lynne Gibb
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Great for students who lack confidence with technology - and of course - its great fun for us too! Thanks for the link Michael.

I have been using web2 tools for a few years now and have experimented with using wikis and podcasting with some of my students. This project gives me an opportunity to revisit some of the audio I did previously but have forgotten and also to try new techniques with my student groups.

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Target Groups
I am considering either the Certificate III in Children's Service, the Diploma in Children's Services or the Certificate II and III in Community Work. There are some definite challenges in using technology with some of these groups, particularly the first one as not all students have access to computers at home and many are quite resistant to using technology at all. Students are generally mature age, mostly women and some with ESL and others with low levels of literacy, especially at Cert 111 level. There are some younger students, generally who have found education up to now an unhappy experience and not to be catering for their needs.I am hoping that this project will allow me to target some of these students. I have continued my musing via an audio file. please click on it below to hear more about my project, its challenges and ideas. Please also feel free to Skype me or email me to share information and ideas.

Lynne's musings

mp3 Players
At Coonara we have a single iRiver and a couple of very cheap other mp3 players which are a little user-unfriendly. We mainly use the iRiver and I am considering buying one for myself as the Coonara one is often used by another tutor with her classes.

Available Computers
We have a 12 PC computerlab with broadband access and about 10 headsets. All of the PCs have CD burners with two having DVD burners. However, the lab is often in use by other classes so is not always available for when I need it. Therefore, I have put in a plug with the management for a bank of maybe 6 laptops. We have 2 already and I have one so that only leaves 3 to get. Maybe...just maybe...we will get some more soon at least before this project ends!

Sound Recording
I use Audacity for all my sound editing and am still coming to grips with all of its finer features. I have nephew who is a sound engineer with his own recording studio but why does he have to live in Sydney!

Digital Storytelling
I use Microsoft Photostory3 with students and Microsoft Windows Moviemaker for my own digital stories. Have tinkered around the edges with Adobe Premiere pro but its not too user-friendly, hideously expensive and requires a great deal of practise but the results can be stupendous. There is plenty of other video-editing software around if you want to pay for it and the two Microsoft programs are free and work admirably. WMM works well with Audacity and so does PS3 if you work around things.

Certificate 11 Children's Services audio project
We have a new group of students so now is the time to start off with a brand new group and follow their progress through the their course using web2 tools.
Lynne's introduction


This is just a representative sample. The rest will go on the Cert 111 wiki and four times during the course we will record students' views about their progress. Next project will probably be a Voicethread experience during their Diversity class at the end of October.

Project Findings