Converge '08

Cassette_by_Alromaithi_at_flickr_.jpgAt the Converge conference for e-learning in Victoria, Michael Chalk and Lynne Gibb talked about our goals and achievements. Participants then
  • played a game of "meet your partners" (after listening to instructions via this web site), and
  • discussed how they might embed various technologies into their classroom practice.

Slides and audio from the presentation

Here are the slides from the show. Use the green "play" button to listen, and the "screen" icon to go full screen.

Audio from the day is embedded into the slidecast above.
If you'd rather listen separately, use this player:

(around 10 minutes, with some music from Maya Filipic)
(or download the mp3 file separately here: converge08 - Can You Hear Us - presentation - (lo-res2).mp3

The Group on the Day (Slide 6a)

.. had some terrific input - here is a mind-map of various listening activities that could be adapted to a blended learning environment:


Each small group discussed the merits of particular technologies, and how they might adapt each one to their own classrooms. (technologies included:

You'll find ideas from these groups on the discussion tabs for each page.
If you have additional ideas .. please add them via the "discussion" tab at the top of the page. Thanks.

Our Project Achievements

Be sure to follow up by reading about our overall achievements for the project, on the Achievements Page;
and also the individual wikis from the amazing teacher-researchers who participated.

Voice board (Chinswing)

Please leave us a voice comment in the ChinSwing Channel ;-]
You'll need to follow the link for a message when you record a response, but you can listen here on this page.
(Oh, and of course - disappointingly - you'll need to log in at Chinswing to record your response.)

    Realised after the session, we could have tested this chinswing gadget as a group. Whoops.

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    Music by Maya Filipic

    (used in the presentation recording above, licensed under creative commons at jamendo)

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