Many people like to create "avatars" ..

You can get a photo of yourself and make it into an avatar (cartoon figure), eg using the South Park avatar maker , face your manga, befunky(start with your own photo), digibody's caricature maker, Digimi from Gizmos studio, or Voki for a speaking avatar.
  • For example, in virtual worlds such as Second Life, your avatar is the cartoon character that represents you within the space.
  • Yahoo provides an avatar for all their members. This character represents you when you're chatting or emailing.
  • Voki allows you to make an avatar with a voice recording. You can then embed your avatar on any other web page, for example your blog or your myspace.

Joey Seiler writes an article in Virtual Worlds about the worlds of avatar-building. Worth plenty of money, apparently.
And Cathy Moore writes about the usefulness of avatars in e-learning. Cathy also links to various softwares, and reviews them.

Classroom Tips:

If you have a group of people building their own web space, they might like to include a voice-enabled avatar too. (eg like this one from