BLimey! another acronym!

What is RSS?

.. in short, it's a way of publishing and distributing Headlines, for anything online.external image rss_diagram_by_jrhode_export.jpg
You don't have to visit all the blogs, podcasts and vodcasts you enjoy .. get your RSS reader to do it for you. RSS readers go out and find the Latest Headlines from individual sites. Headlines are known as "feeds".

Publishing your headlines is called "syndication", and when you collect and read others' headlines, that's "aggregration". If you want to read someone's headlines regularly, you "subscribe".

Other people's notes and guides

Commoncraft have some great explanations for technical things, including RSS.

Popular RSS Readers


Not only headlines, you can republish complete articles - "full text".

For example

These blog postings and delicious links are re-published here by the magic of RSS feeding.
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Can You Hear Us? – electro-textual
  • Engage your learners with a free voiceboard at voxopop (e-learning dreams)
    What’s your dream for e-learning? Have you heard these dreams yet? On a few occasions, beginning with the ACE e-learning showcase this year, people have shared their dreams for e-learning.
  • Green is for listening? The trauma of windows volume control..
    So Tina, one of our amazing English teachers at PRACE, comes in with our box of headsets, “Same question i ask you every Monday.. green is for listening?” This is one of the things that used to drive me crazy when we were running our C...
  • POV camera .. meets Taser !
    Great initiative via Leigh Blackall over in Otago, NZ. He and Michael and Alex have been experimenting with a wild new concept known as the Point of View (POV) camera. Worn on glasses, or on a head torch, the gadget allows you to video exactly wha...
  • Workshop at Converge (Can You Hear Us?)
    Reflections on the session for Can You Hear Us? .. at the Converge08 e-learning conference (5Dec). The workshop went reasonably well. Really interesting people in the room, and many of the people there had used some kind of audio technologies .. i...
  • Live session between classes
    Today was a roaring success, as we held a Live Session between two classes, one at Merrilands Community Centre and the other in Broadway in the heart of Reservoir. Both groups comprised English as a second language (ESL) learners. Tina and Jan and...

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