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Context - provider and class / course

Coonara Community House
Certificate III in Children’s Services
Orientation to the course

About the learners

A mix of women returning to the workforce after rearing children – in the 25-55 age group. Technology skills are varied. Some have only basic skills and others have intermediate skills.

Goals for the activity

To experience hearing the sound of students' own voice online
To to reflect on students' goals for the new course
To encourage confidence in public speaking

Outline of the activity (process)

Session 1
General ice-breaking/ getting to know you activities etc
Iintroduce iRiver - "Does anyone know what it is - what it does? Has anyone ever used an mp3 player to listen to or record music?"
Outlines the procedure for the interviews – reassure students that everyone may feel a little hesitant about speaking into a recording device.
Demonstrates by recording own voice and playing back for students to listen
Suggest that each student reflect on what they might say and write down notes to help prompt themselves
Students given a chance to play and experiment with the iRiver before recording.
Ask for volunteers and individually record each student on the iRiver
Play back so they can re-record if they wish.
Make it fun!
Deputise one student volunteer to take photos of each student to be used in conjunction with the audio file.
Take a break and move on to next part of lesson.
Session 2 (Held in computer lab)
Introduce students to Voki. Demonstrate by playing teacher voki.
Assist students to sign up and register and then pick their own voki character and play with dressing and adding features. Give plenty of time for this
After giving students a generous amount of time to play, begin to demonstrate how to add the audio they recorded in the previous session.
Assist students to save and embed the code into their own personal wiki

Technologies (equipment, rationale)

Session 1- 1 x iRiver mp3 player, digital camera, laptop and data projector to demonstrate how audio files are embedded into a wiki
Session 2- each student has a PC to avoid delays and people having to wait for a turn.

What happened in class?

Session 1- Everyone had fun! Students were at first at little hesitant to speak into the mp3 player and had to be asked to speak up a little. However, after a while they lost their fear and began to enjoy the experience
Session 2 – Students expressed delight at the concept of the voki characters and really enjoyed changing eye colour, facial expressions and clothing etc. Some spent nearly an hour just doing this! many opted to do the text to voice option but that was OK. There was some confusion about inputting an audio file into the voki so it degenerated into a bit of a rabble but it was fun! In the end, because we ran out of time, I embedded some of the vokis into their wiki for them.
Katherine's Voki (Text to speech)

Get a Voki now!

Reflections: what worked, what would you change?

Session 1 - Ideally, it would work much better and much more quickly if there were more mp3 players available. This would have allowed each student to play more and become more familiar with the concept. However, it did work quite well and everyone ended up with a recording.
Session 2- having two people to run the session would have helped so that one could run the session and the other could move around and assist people.

Reflections: from the learners

Session 1
It was fun
I have never heard my voice recorded before – I sound like my sister – yuk!
Session 2
This is the best fun ever!
I love this – its so much fun!
I am going to teach this to my kids
I have learned so much about how to do things online from this. I might try Facebook now.

Additional - ways to adapt the activity

  • Follow up at 3 intervals during the course with more interviews and allow students to reflect on their progress through the course and whether their expectations were met.
  • Have students create a reflective question each and interview another student asking that question
  • Take photos throughout the course for students so they can each create a digital story of their journey through the course inserting their recoded comments and adding others. Try editing sound and music in Audacity
  • Students can add music edited in Audacity to their voki