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  • untitled_by_'kevinreed_at_flickr_.jpgThe students are of a mixed age and backgrounds.
  • The students attending were there for different reasons, some for employment, interest and understanding on what family members were doing.
  • The level of knowledge is very similar as the students have already completed other units in Certificate I in IT.


The idea behind this unit is to not only have students learn PowerPoint, but to also have the students to add various audio technologies to their presentations. For example
  • Previous converted files.
  • Narrated audio
  • Short audio clips.


Students are to prepare a PowerPoint presentation of their choice with backgrounds, graphics, text animation and audio.


  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Earphone/microphone
  • Audacity
  • Windows Media Player
  • Internet

Class work

Students were asked to design a PowerPoint presentation of their choice. They had to place backgrounds, text, headings, slide transitions, animations and audio. This was a new program for them to learn so at first there was some confusion, but as the weeks progressed they understood the main functions.

  • The class searched the internet for background pictures and some used the slide design function.
  • Headings were placed on each slide and text added where appropriate.
  • Next they used the slide transition for each slide
  • Custom animation was then used.
  • When all this was done they search the internet for some suitable music/sound effects. Music CD’s were also used.
  • The students were shown how to convert music files into MP3’s using Windows Media Player.
  • Some students that had time were shown the basics of Audacity to rip some music.
  • Some students had made a Christmas PowerPoint presentation so I suggested to them to make a 2nd one using just a couple of their slides and record a personal message to add to it. This they did by using the Windows Sound Recorder function.


The class went well for the major part, but next time I would spend more time on things that are a bit more complicated and not leave till the end, especially the audio.

Reflections from the learners.

Students found that there was too much to take in, in the amount of time allocated. The audio section needed more lessons to understand the individual software programs that are available to be used.


To improve this activity the lesson plan needs re-arranging and extra classes made available if time allows. To have a more in depth discussion with the students before commencing the activity, explaining what is needed and what is available.

otherwise known in the trade as MAE (much easier to say) has been around for around 25 years. Over the years we have grown in the variety of classes we have on offer today, Information Technology being the main one, that is why I am here, to see what is new in the audio section. Even though many of the students are retired or not working they still enjoy learning the new technologies to keep up with their family/kids and society.

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My name is Janeen and I have been teaching at MAE for the last 8yrs. I started out as a student there myself and the Manager at the time saw me assisting other students and offered me a job teaching, so right place right time, the rest is history.

image and photo credits: licensed under creative commons at flickr: Thanks very much: kevin reed at flickr