Glenroy Neighbourhood Learning Centre

For this project, Liza and Eleanor worked together with the VCAL students at Glenroy. Find full details over on Eleanor's page.

Our Team

Manager, Jude Newcombe
Jenny Brodie, VCAL Coordinator

Teaching Team:
Eleanor Morgan, Sitki Esenyel, Emily Flett, Ruth Goddard, Helen Sholak, Liza Fernandes
The students that I think will benefit from this project are the Youth VCAL students and the Adult VCAL students.

Some Ideas:
  • The Youth VCAL students may choose to interview and record the Adult VCAL students on career and study options.
  • Once recording is complete the Youth VCAL students can present the interview online (Don't know how) Help
  • OR students can present the interviews on PowerPoint (My concern here would be privacy)
  • Online tutorials would be great

  • Privacy
  • Students not knowing how to upload

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