Listen as Liza interviews Eleanor and Vivian.

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Youth VCAL lunch and student response on wikispaces.


Glenroy Neighbourhood Learning Centre is an Adult Community and Education provider. We trialled this activity with one of our young people from the youth VCAL class.

The Learners.

how_to_enjoy_better_meals_by_Cowtools.jpgThe learners are young people between the ages of 16 and 19 years old. They have been disengaged from education, their community and sometimes their families, often for a number of years. They have been enrolled with us for almost a year and are working to complete their foundation or intermediate VCAL certificate.

Goals for the activity.

The activity is integrated with a 12 month project which will finish in June next year. The project is funded by ‘Go for your life’ and is all about encouraging healthier body image and confidence and self-esteem in our students - through workshops, student initiated healthy food preparation, eating together and special activities that the students might otherwise not have the opportunity to experience.

The goals of this activity were two-fold.
1) Students to join in the group lunch. Students chose the menu, shopped for the ingredients for the spaghetti lunch, cooked the lunch and set up the room and tables, sat at the tables and ate and talked together and cleared up afterwards. Liza (one of the researchers) supervised and taught the students how to cook a special, tasty spaghetti.
2) To ask one student to go to the interactive glenroyvcal wikispaces activity which Liza and Eleanor created, listen to the interview conducted by two students which we posted there and then to reflect on the lunch experience in the wikispaces discussion.

Outline of the activity.

1) Using mp3 equipment, Eleanor recorded one student interviewing a second student about the lunch, during the preparation of it.
2) Liza and Eleanor switched the audiofile from the mp3 to the computer, using ‘Switch’.
3) We edited the file using ‘Audacity’.
4) We inserted it into our prepared glenroyvcal wikispaces website.
5) We described the lunch activity on the website and asked a student to listen to the interview and then respond to the discussion questions in the ‘Discussion’ page.


We used wikispaces to enable the student to respond individually, quietly at his own pace. Also with the rise in importance in elearning we wanted to increase the proficiency and use of both students and teachers in the medium.

What happened?

The student worked through the activity confidently and seemed to enjoy both the activity and being asked to do it.

Reflections from the researchers.

The website worked well, except that the student was unable to post his discussion response because we hadn’t registered his email beforehand. There was absolutely no time to do this before the student wanted to finish his participation in the research.

Reflections from the student.

The student didn’t feel that the lunch and website activity taught him anything new about the group of students but he recorded that he quite enjoyed the activity. He said he felt good that he could answer all the questions in the discussion (a feeling of success) but he thought it was bad that he couldn’t post his response because it wasn’t fully set up for him to do so.

Further thoughts from the researchers.

Liza and Eleanor both thought that they learnt a lot over the duration of the project and are keen to have another go at something similar next year, anticipating greater success. Unfortunately the pressures of the end of year caught up with us and we ran out of time to improve the project this year.

Earlier Testing

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.. or Download audio file: First audio edit.mp3

The learners in this project come from two different classes. The students who will be doing the interviewing are between the ages of 16 and 19 years old. They have a history of disengagement from education and training but are now studying VCAL at GNLC. They will be interviewing students from the adult VCAL class. The interview topic will be around the food choices that the adult students make for themselves and their families and their reasons for these choices. This topic is palnned to tie in with a current project that the young people are working on. They are participating in a number of different learning activities to do with body image. The project is funded by 'Go for your life.' The activities include shopping for, preparing and eating healthy meals together, a variety of physical activities - largely chosen by the young people themselves and a series of workshops which target the issue of self-esteem and how this can be positively influenced by a change in attitudes towards self and others.

image and photo credits: licensed under creative commons at flickr: Thanks very much: Cowtools.