Hello everyone! My name is Tina and I teach ESL and English Literacy at Merrilands Community Centre. This year, I am lucky enough to be part of the 'Can You Hear Us'project :).

As part of the project I've been fortunate enough to learn a whole stack of new things with a very lovely group of people. Michael has been teaching us about programs like 'Audacity', 'Skype', 'Voki' , 'Tokbox' and 'VoiceThread'. Before I started with this project the only one of these I'd ever heard of was Audacity! (And I'd only used it the once.)

Like most teachers I have had some experience with technology but my knowledge is nowhere near up to date. It's easy to get left behind and to be afraid of trying new things. This project is helping me to overcome my technologophobia and is challenging me to use new technology in the classroom. Maybe one day soon, all learning in the classroom will involved technology and the whiteboard will be the blackboard of the past - obselete!

Project Lesson Plans

Tina ran several innovative experiments during this project. You can find two of them written up on this site

  1. VCAL students interview ESL students and build digital stories (More Details Here),
  2. Two ESL classes connect live via skype for some listening activities - descriptive language (Full Story Here)

Here is a recording of an interview with David Gregg who is part of the project too. Michael helped us to record this on an i-river on the first day of the project. (If you click on it you can hear it. :) )


My learners are a super wonderful group of people (I'll get some pics of my students after I get their permission). They range from ages 21 to 79. (Age range has changed since the above recording.)
I would say most of them (if not all) would like to improve their speaking and listening skills. I want to use the i-river and programs like Skype in my classsroom. I want my students to hear the way they sound, to have an opportunity to be heard and to have an opportunity to listen to different people speaking.