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Can You Hear Us?

Research into audio technologies in the classroom

Teachers collaborate to improve classroom strategies and research audio technologies, a project from 2007-8.
Don’t_I_Deserve_Quality_Care_by_Grant_Neufeld_at_flickr_(edges)_.jpg To learn about mp3 players, podcasts, Digital Storytelling and more ..
This project builds on research done in 2007, in a Learnscope project called can u hear me?


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Publications and reports

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Links from our delicious

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    Final presentation at Converge 08

    The Victorian e-learning conference drew people from all around Australia. In our presentation, we tried to cover the variety and range of innovative practices from the teacher-researchers involved, and also give participants something to do in the session. Here are the slides and voiceover from the day. (More details on the Converge 08 page.)
    View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: converge08 (ace))

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      Guest Speaker - Michael Coghlan

      We were honoured to have internationally-renowned leading light, Michael Coghlan, join us from Adelaide via skype telephone .. and he's done a wonderful thing by tying together the audio and the slides from his presentation. If you weren't there .. you can follow along right here below. (Hint: use your mouse on the play button. Make sure your speakers are plugged in.)
      View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: voice language)

      More details about the fabulous Coghlan here.

      Resources: online presentations from the Victorian ACFE regional e-mentor project

      (ACFE = Adult Community and Further Education if you don't know already)
      e-mentors_-_Michael_Gwyther_at_Elluminate001.jpg As part of the Victorian ACFE e-mentors project, Michael Gwyther recently gave a brilliant presentation on audio technologies in general, including a brilliant introduction to using Audacity. It's a whole hour of useful information, well worth your time. (direct link to the presentation, recorded in elluminate. Short link is http://snipr.com/aud-gwythr (if you've never used Elluminate before, you'll need to let your computer download the viewing software .. an application in 'java' .. and you may need your technical support team on call.)

      More of these session recordings via our "Networks" page, as well as headlines from e-innovations around the country.

      The Idea

      12 teachers from 5 organisations come together to research possibilities, and then try out something new in the classroom.

      Learn the basics:

      » Record and play back student voices in class (with portable mp3 player)
      » Edit the mp3 files (audio) and enable students to Take Away

      Extend your knowledge:

      » Combine audio with images
      » Add audio to a web site for the class

      Organisations involved

      » Preston Reservoir Adult Community Education (PRACE) - lead agent
      » Carlton Neighbourhood Learning Centre
      » Glenroy Neighbourhood Learning Centre
      » Moreland Adult Education
      » Coonara Community House

      For more information on this project:

      prace_jun'06_(small_for_web)_.gifContact Michael Chalk, Flexible Learning Co-ordinator
      at Preston Reservoir Adult Community Education (PRACE):
      ace [at] michalk.id.au Phone: +613 9462 6077

      For more information on the Australian Flexible Learning Framework:

      Phone: (07) 3307 4700 Fax: (07) 3259 4371
      Email: enquiries [at] flexiblelearning.net.au
      Website: flexiblelearning.net.au
      Post: GPO Box 1326, Brisbane QLD 4001

      This project is funded by the wonderful Australian Flexible Learning Framework.

      image and photo credits: licensed under creative commons at flickr: Thanks very much: SSH, ziphychore, and Grant Neufeld